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Current Job opportunities

Facility Maintenance Technician

Gardnerville, NV

Part/Full-Time $20 - $25 Hourly

Shadow Mountain Church is seeking a part-time facility maintenance technician with handyman skills who will report directly to the church administrator. The facility maintenance technician’s primary role will be to evaluate and proactively perform regular maintenance and upkeep to the church building and grounds and keep the building looking well-kept at all times. Salary will depend on experience and is contingent on the church’s approved annual budget.

Job Responsibilities and Duties
● Maintain kitchen, bathroom, and baptistry plumbing systems; repair or replace components as necessary
● Maintain building electrical and lighting systems; repair or replace components as necessary
● Maintain HVAC systems, including air filter management and annual cleaning of outdoor A/C units; notify
administrator when professional repairs are needed
● Maintain mechanical operation of windows, doors, and locks, as well as electrical operation of exit signs and
emergency lighting
● Maintain landscape irrigation system, making sure that all plant life is receiving adequate water; repair or
replace irrigation hardware as needed
● Perform seasonal lawn maintenance including mowing, edging, fertilizing, and weed control
● Prune trees and trim bushes annually; replace as needed
● Perform seasonal weed control on the entire property, including spraying and pulling
● Remove snow and ice from sidewalks using snowblower, shovel, and salt
● Organize and maintain church storage sheds
● Perform minor repairs and maintenance on the church van
● Periodically clean windows and remove spider webs from the building's exterior
● Perform weekly janitorial service as directed by the church administrator
● Set up and tear down tables and chairs for special events
● Collaborate and coordinate with church volunteers on special maintenance projects and upgrades
● Perform miscellaneous facility projects as directed by the church administrator, such as painting, carpentry,
electrical, lighting, building repairs, furniture assembly, etc.
● Be available on call for maintenance emergencies and snow removal
Required Skills and Qualifications
● Demonstrated experience in carpentry, plumbing, electrical, lighting, and landscape irrigation systems
● Experience doing landscape maintenance
● Familiarity with and experience using the equipment required to maintain the facility
● Ability to prioritize work and manage multiple ongoing projects simultaneously
● reputation for being trustworthy, with an ability to anticipate needs without oversight and focus on
completing assigned tasks
● Attention to detail
● Effective communication skills (verbal, written, and interpersonal)
● Knowledge of occupational hazards and safety precautions
● Ability to respond quickly and calmly to facility emergencies
● Meet the physical job demands: crawling, kneeling, bending over, climbing ladders, digging, lifting up to 50
● A cheerful, diplomatic, caring, and positive can-do attitude at all times
● Agreement with Shadow Mountain Church’s statement of faith
Preferred Qualifications
● Prior experience doing church maintenance
● Experience doing minor HVAC repairs


Send application to, Subject: Job Opportunity

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